Canine Annual Form

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Canine Annual Form

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Nutrition and Lifestyle:

Starting August 1st 2024, The United States is increasing the requirements needed for dogs to enter the United States from Canada. Dogs will be required to be microchipped, Rabies vaccine updated after microchipping, and given 28 days prior to travel. A health form will also be required prior to travel for all dogs. More information here.

Preventative Care

Due to the changing climate and warmer winters, parasite prevention is now recommended year-round. The most complete parasite prevention covers fleas, ticks, heartworm and intestinal parasites (including tapeworm). Our current recommendation for prevention is Interceptor Plus (for heartworm and intestinal parasite coverage), and Credelio (for flea and tick coverage). Both are tablets given by mouth, once monthly. There are other oral and topical options available as well.

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- The Whitehills Team