• Car Travel with your Pet: the safest place is in a carrier behind your front seat.

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  • Flea and Tick Season is Still Here!

    Last year we saw quite a few ticks- especially in the wooded areas and fields in our end of London. Most seemed to be dog ticks, but a few were deer ticks. Deer ticks can carry Lyme Disease as well as Ehrlichiosis and Anaplasmosis- which can be transmitted to people.

    There is an excellent resource to help identify and give more information about ticks at www.tickencounter.org

    Please contact us so we can prepare your dog’s flea and tick prevention for you to pick up.

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  • Order Your Pet’s Food and Medication

    You can use our Prescription Order Form to request your pet’s medication, treats, supplements or food online. We will email you when it is ready to pick up. Enter ORDER in the search window above.

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  • Welcome to Whitehills Animal Hospital

    We will provide your furry family members with the best possible care!

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  • Veterinary Services Available

    We provide a wide variety of veterinary services including routine wellness examinations and vaccines, surgery, dentistry, diagnostic testing, digital radiography and more!

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  • New Client? Ready For Takeoff.

    Register on our website, email us at whitehillsah@gmail.com, or call us at (519) 473-1182. We are located at 2111 Aldersbrook Road, London.

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