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Dr. Kim  Bond photo

Dr. Kim Bond

Dr. Kim Bond graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 1996. She has worked in many clinics throughout Southwestern Ontario, including the London Veterinary Emergency Clinic from 1997-1999 and from 2003-2005. She joined the Whitehills team in 2005. Kim enjoys going to veterinary conferences and expanding her knowledge through continuing education. She is currently learning Ultrasonography, which she is finding very rewarding. Kim has been married to her husband Talaal for 23 years, and has a very full family life. Their 15-year-old son has just entered his teenage years, and their 13-year-old daughter isn’t too far behind. The kids are very active participants in extracurricular activities, which keeps Kim very busy. The family enjoys traveling and exercising together. Kim also enjoys gardening and listening to jazz music. Kim’s lovable, laid back, black Lab, Merlin lives “a dog’s life” in the Bond home and enjoys going for walks with the family and chasing the occasional skunk.

Dr. Lynn  Lam photo

Dr. Lynn Lam

Dr. Lynn Lam graduated from the University of Edinburgh’s Royal School of Veterinary Studies in Scotland in June of 2012. Prior to joining the team at Whitehills Animal Hospital in February of 2017, she worked in a small animal clinic just south of London. Born and raised in Toronto, Lynn had always known from a young age that she wanted to become a veterinarian and help animals. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Bio-Medical Science from the University of Guelph before entering vet school. Lynn has a wide diversity of experience from working with mice in a laboratory setting, lambing sheep in Northern Ireland and working on a dairy farm in Scotland to working with rhinos in South Africa, but she has always known her passion was working with small animals. Lynn enjoys attending veterinary conferences and expanding her knowledge through continuing education with keen interests in feline medicine and preventive care. Lynn now lives in London with her husband and their six cats, Jaffa Cake, Angus, Ceilidh, Milo, Calvin and Hobbes, and two dogs, MacGyver and Henry. In her spare time, she likes to read and watch movies. Lynn is a member of the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association, Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, British Small Animal Veterinary Association and American Association of Feline Practitioners.

Dr. Tom  Oster photo

Dr. Tom Oster

Dr. Tom Oster is Whitehills Animal Hospital’s “Commander in Chief”. Tom graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 1989. After graduating, he spent 1 year in a mixed animal practice in Northern Ontario. After a few years of relief work around the province, Tom chose to settle down at the London Veterinary Emergency Clinic. After 5 years at the LVEC, Tom decided to go on the road again. He spent time doing locum and emergency work throughout Canada and Asia before coming back to London and joining the Whitehills team in 2003. He became practice owner in 2004. Tom has a real zest for knowledge and enjoys learning new and innovative things in the veterinary field. Tom found the love of his life on one of his trips to Asia. He was married in 2011 and he and his “witty and supportive” wife, have a “pretty cool” young son and a “sweet, strong-willed” daughter. Tom spends a lot of time with his family and they especially enjoy going to the YMCA together. He is very close to his sisters, nieces, and nephews (both human and furry). Tom also loves cycling and traveling to locations with “bad roads and good people”. He is never one to say no to a good adventure.

Registered Veterinary Technicians

Alonna  Dodd photo

Alonna Dodd

Alonna Dodd graduated from Ridgetown College in 2002 as a Registered Veterinary Technician. After working at a mixed animal practice near Sarnia for 4 years, Alonna was very excited to join the team at Whitehills Animal Hospital in 2007. When not caring for her furry patients, Alonna enjoys reading, baking, horseback riding and spending time with her husband and their children (both human, and furry!).

Lauren Lichty photo

Lauren Lichty

Lauren joined the Whitehills team in November 2011. She is a proud 2010 graduate of Ridgetown college. Upon returning from college, Lauren came home with a shepherd mix 'Kimberly', and a tabby cat ‘Corona’. She is also the owner of 2 horses and has been an avid equestrian in her spare time. Lauren has now acquired a miniature dachshund named ‘Slinky’ in recent years and enjoys his “larger than life” personality. Lauren believes that pets are part of the family and strives to strengthen the human-animal bond through the support of quality care. Lauren has been very busy on maternity leave with her new sons, Caden and Henry -- we look forward to her return to Whitehills in 2018.

Maria Gulikers photo

Maria Gulikers

Maria joined the Whitehills Animal Hospital team in November of 2015. She attended college at Northern College in Haileybury, Ontario, and graduated from the veterinary technician program in 2010, and the wildlife rehabilitation program in 2011. Maria enjoys spending time with her black cat Jynx whenever possible, as well as being outdoors: hiking, canoeing, and camping. She also stays very active at the gym to prepare for summer challenges.

Amy Thomas photo

Amy Thomas

Amy graduated from St. Clair College’s veterinary technician program in June 2016. After school was finished, she came to Whitehills to help us during the busy heartworm season. After those 4 long months, she was lucky enough to gain a full-time position here. Amy is very excited to start her journey of becoming a full-fledged vet tech here with her new friends at Whitehills Animal Hospital. When Amy isn’t at work she enjoys spending time with her boyfriend Terry and her cat Bentley. She and Terry love going to concerts, watching Netflix, and being with family and friends. Amy also enjoys dancing anywhere she can and hopes to get back in to dancing at a studio soon.

Kendra Coolman photo

Kendra Coolman

Kendra joined our Whitehills family in July 2018. She grew up on pig farm in Watford where she found her love for animals -- she was always bringing critters home! Kendra went to school at St. Clair College in Windsor, graduated in June 2017, and earned her Registered Veterinary Technician certification. She moved to London in May 2018 and adopted a kitten named Stanley. Kendra enjoys going to the gym, hanging out with friends, and relaxing with Stanley. She has enjoyed meeting many of our wonderful patients so far.

Celine  den Dunnen photo

Celine den Dunnen

Celine attended Northern College in Haileybury, ON, and graduated from the Veterinary Technician program in 2015 as well as the Veterinary Technologist: Wildlife Rehabilitation program in 2016. She joined the Whitehills Animal Hospital team in February 2017. Before starting here, Celine spent her college summers as an animal care attendant in the game reserves at the African Lion Safari in Cambridge, ON. She spent her first year after graduation at a mixed animal emergency and wellness hospital in Peterborough, ON. When she is not tending to our patients, Celine may be caring for a wildlife critter, or two! In her spare time, Celine enjoys staying active with her dog, Rascal. These two do lots of hiking and go to the beaches in the Goderich area often. When not out and about, Celine enjoys reading, drawing and the odd video game or two. Don’t be surprised if you see a reptile coiled around Celine’s wrist. Her young corn snake, Stitch, likes to think he is one with her bracelets!


Jessica  Reeves photo

Jessica Reeves

Jessica Reeves has been the Whitehills Animal Hospital receptionist since 2006. She is the first person you will meet at Whitehills, and she will always greet you with her cheerful smile. Before coming to Whitehills, Jessica worked at the London Veterinary Emergency clinic and for ImagePet Diagnostics. Prior to finding her passion in the Veterinary field, Jessica studied Early Childhood Education at Fanshawe College. In 2014, Jessica and her husband Mike welcomed daughter Violet to their family. They have also grown again, adding Vino, a rambunctious, sweet kitten to their household. Jess spends her springs and summers in her garden and has a very green thumb. She also enjoys travelling, reading and going to concerts. She especially enjoys Classic Rock and her Dad’s band The Groove Kings.

Tracy Diggins photo

Tracy Diggins

Tracy joined our Whitehills family in April 2014. Since she graduated from the veterinary technology program at Centralia College in 1992, Tracy has been able to spend time at a few clinics in the city of London. She met her husband in the same veterinary program, and they share their home and hearts with their daughter Charlotte, and their fuzzy critters. Tracy and Charlotte hand-raised a litter of 3 kittens (Butterfly, Smeagol and Rommie) several years ago with the intent to foster and get them good homes, but all three decided that they preferred to stay right where they were. They were soon joined by a badly injured “we’ll just look after him until he recovers” kitten (Orange Julius) who has also managed to become a permanent family member. A feisty corgi named Winnie and a very lovable hound mix named Penelope are Tracy’s crazy canine companions. Winnie likes to herd not only the cats, but also Penelope and the humans, just to remind everyone who is really in charge. Tracy is thoroughly loving her time here, and although she came on-board with the intention of covering temporarily, the people and pets here at Whitehills are just "too nice to leave". She enjoys welcoming all of our wonderful clients and patients, and looks forward to eventually meeting you all.

Kennel Assistants

Danielle Graham photo

Danielle Graham

Danielle Graham is Whitehills Animal Hospital’s Kennel Assistant. She started at Whitehills in 2010. Animals have always been a large part of her life, so Whitehills is a great place for her to work. She currently has a lovely, adopted, Terrier X, named Lexi and a snuggly cat, Boris at home with her parents. Danielle is currently working on her Bachelor of Arts in Human Ecology at Western University. She is a hard-working, conscientious student, which doesn’t leave her with a lot of spare time. When she finds some time to herself, she likes to spend it in the pool, swimming.

Emma  Wardhaugh photo

Emma Wardhaugh

Emma is a Kennel Assistant at Whitehills Animal Hospital. She started working at the clinic in the fall of 2015. She has a great love for all animals, and aspires to become a veterinarian herself. Whitehills is the perfect place for her to work because it offers both a view into the veterinary field and experience working with animals. At home, she has three young rescue cats named Maisey, Soleil and Penny.
Emma is attending Sir Fredrick Banting Secondary School, where she participates in multiple extracurricular activities. She is academic, athletic and hard-working. Her passions include travelling and photography. In her spare time, Emma enjoys playing with her cats, doing karate, working out, reading, spending time with friends and shopping.

Yasmeen Bond photo

Yasmeen Bond

Jack of all Trades

Bill  Doran photo

Bill Doran

Bill Doran is the Whitehills Animal Hospital “Jack of all trades”. He joined the Whitehills team in 2011. Prior to that, he has had many years of experience in the service industry. Billy enjoys exercise, being active and following politics. He and his wife Jane have a Domestic Short Haired cat named Buster at home and keep busy with their grandchildren, nieces, and nephews.

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