An Emergency after hours?

If an emergency occurs with your pet outside of Whitehills Animal Hospital’s working hours we recommend that you contact the London Regional Veterinary Emergency and Referral Hospital (LRVERH) at 41 Adelaide Street North. The clinic number is 519-432-3300.

The London Regional Veterinary Emergency and Referral Hospital (LRVERH) is a co-cooperatively run facility with the equipment, supplies and expertise to provide emergency care to your pet. The comprehensive “in house” diagnostic laboratory, digital radiography (x-rays) as well as excellent surgical facilities on site operated by a well trained staff specializing in emergency care and procedures provide expedient medical and surgical care as needed. The clinic’s complement of specialized equipment along with intensive staff training allows them to provide 24 hour intensive care management for critically ill pets and patients requiring hospitalization.

If you are unsure whether your pet is in need of care outside our hospital hours, the veterinarians and technical staff at the LRVERH are in the best position to provide advice and follow up with the care required, whether the problem is a critical accident or a non-life threatening concern. The technicians and staff at the LRVERH are trained to assess the urgency of your pet’s condition and to triage accordingly to ensure your pet receives the necessary and appropriate care in a timely manner.

There is excellent continuity of care with our patients that have been treated at the LRVERH. We receive case records including full laboratory results and radiographic images quickly after each visit and, in more complicated situations, we receive verbal updates from the staff at the London RVERH. Should your pet require extended hospitalization we can determine if that is best achieved there or at Whitehills Animal Hospital. We consider this communication and our ability to advocate for you and your pet at the LRVERH very important to the recovery and health of your pet. It allows us , as your family veterinary clinic, to stay intimately involved with the care of your pet.

Dr. K. Bond and Dr. T. Oster and Staff at Whitehills Animal Hospital

Location Hours
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PLEASE NOTE: Our veterinarians begin appointments at 9 AM (with the exception of Saturday). Patients are seen by appointment only. Our phone system is turned off 15 minutes prior to close. Sundays, After hours and Holidays - Coverage at the London Regional Veterinary Emergency Referral Hospital 519-432-3300.